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Ever thought, what could change your outcome without increasing effort? Answer is "intention"


Determinism in softwares says same input, same code results in same output. However same isn't true in real world as there are so many aspects which can change the outcome.

One of them is Intention. Same action but with different intention can yield in different results. Hence it's important to focus on intention while you do anything. In corporate world, communication becomes really important to align people's intention.

Who do you work for

A very important aspect of intention is who do you work for? This has indirect relation to your outcome, to know what actually you want to achieve.

Is it your boss (everyone has a boss)?

A little on Boss, person you think is capable to bring change to your professional life and hence you like to please him/her. Definition of boss changes person to person, so whatever is your definition.

Is it you?

You want to bring change to your professional life and you like to keep full control of it. Hence you work in a way which makes your career progress better and you stay in full control of it (aspirational, it's very hard though).

Is it the company / role you play in the company?

You work for the greater good of the company and try to be idealist at the role you play. Most organization expect their employees to fall in this bracket. If you are here you are already a very loyal employee and your company must respect you for that.

Or is it just money

It could be that a person only works because they are paid. If you are here, I am sure you have no reason to increase the outcome. In a way this statement should be unreachable.